Dortmund, Germany: police spreads pathogenic germs

first published at indymedia linksunten, the next day censored as a conspiracy theory and moved in the "hidden section" now you can read it here: Because of their assault against a man in front of the Dortmund main station and because of the prevention of a treatment of the wounds, Dortmund policemen spread pathogenic germs.


On saturday , 12, a friend of mine (I call him Joe here) was sitting in front main station at 5.45 AM with two other guys. Then about this happened. Two cops showed up and asked him, what he was doing. He said, he was drinking a beer, which he had bought in a shop in the station. The cops then wanted to see his passport. Joe asked the cops why they wanted to see his passport and one cop answered, the reason was, that they didn't know him. As this is no reason for a control, Jan again asked for the cause of the control. A cop answered, that there was no reason, and that he wanted to see his passport. As Joe didn't react, the cops walked away.


Soon six other cops showed up and throwed Joe to the ground. A cop pressed his knee into Joe's neck. In this position the cops dragged him, his face pressed against the ground, to the police station, that is situated nearby. After a couple of minutes, he was driven to the headquarters of Dortmund police and there he was put into a cell for about 8 hours. He was chained at his legs and arms and he didn't get any food or drink. Before he was released, they tested him for alcohol, the result was less than 0,1 per – mill blood alcohol. Before he left, Joe asked an officer for the names and duty – numbers of the cops that had mistreated him at the station. The officer said, that he couldn't give him an answer to that question. As Joe asked for his name and number, he told him, he was main officer Steinkühler and that it was not his duty, to give him his number. Joe answered, that he thought, that it was not his duty, to show his passport.


Joe had a bad headache until the next day. So very likely, he had a concussion. Joes wounds at his face and at his arms didn't heal but became worse and also at other parts of his body inflammations showed up. Me and and at least three other persons, who had seen Joe several times, suffered from the same desease pattern. One guy is in hospital for already one week because of a serious inflammation in a leg.


Usually the police has the tusk to protect the right of the citizens (in reality the law is used mainly to protect the possessons of the wealthy). These police officers have crashed the rights of a citizen, they have done exactly the opposite of what they actually are paid for. Police officers (undercover cops and soldiers included) are the only ones, who get paid for deliberate assaults and who are at once regularily protected by justice. Hooligans and thugs who hate (assumed) minorities and who have a disposition for racism, racketeers and neo-nazis risk prison sentences for their deeds, contradictionry to the government paid thugs. Those cops should be send to court and get prison sentences. What makes matters worse, is, that they not only didn't ensure a treatment of the wounds, but that they actively prevented it (there is a long tradition of alleged infection of certain section of the populition, such as the American natives, but in our case this is rather unlikely, but who knows? at least it was negligent). Furthermore, it can be expected, that those officers regularily have commited similars crimes before and they will repeat it in the future. Do we risk to be assaulted by cops, just for requesting some respect and transparency?


Nothing happens accidently, the world like it is is made by the way we live together and we can change it. The same is true for illness, which becomes particularily obvious in this text. It is no accident as well, that my feed began to heal quickly after two weeks, when I began to work on this article, and I was able to walk normally, again. The pictures are from the 31st of Mai, the first three pictures are from Joe, the last one is showing my foot:  (see below the text).


Addition 1


In hospitals and doctor's offices, every year millions of people become ill because of pathogenic germs, harmful medication, vaccinations and other measures. Many of them die. Suffering and death is a big business. Doctors are responsible for that. In our case, the police doctor was responsible.


Addition 2


IMPORTANT: We made some mistakes and we failed to do some things.

  • In a case like this, press charges or a disciplinary complaint against the offenders.

  • It is extremly irresponsible, to rely on media (especially when you don't even know the editorial staff), while dealing with the explosive issue of illness.

  • The reference to illness (in its whole context) should be explained sufficinetly at the moment of the first publication.


Addition 3


see also:


 Addition 4


We've mailed a disciplinary complaint.




Turn illnes into a weapon! Strength through illness!

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or: Socialist Patients' collective/ Patients' front:/

(literature is available, here)


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